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What Are Klepto Bears?

Klepto bears are the face you see in a crowd, a cause for pause to say “I’m sure I’ve seen you somewhere before?” How many toy boxes, how many teddy bears litter the story of each of us? How many treasures, how many relics, once loved have gone into the ether? Klepto bears connect to our childhood and offer an important chance to reconcile those memories..versions of ourselves. Where have you been, Bear? Tell me your story, and in it, I will see a reflection of my own journey, the books and stories, the sci-fi worlds, the fashion from another time that will always be with us

A sleek, stylized piece of art with a focus on pattern and texture. 2D Klepto Bears harken to a nostalgic child within each of us, representing modern day life layered on treasures of our past. Backgrounds are peaceful, hued to guide the eye to the character, to the shapes that while staying the same, shift in representation. The Klepto is the mainstay, collecting the minutiae that anchors us to everyday life. Is there a Klepto bear in each of us?

Klepto Bears

The Gang

Klepto Bears
Klepto Bears
Klepto Bears

Bailout your bear by minting, and free these bad boys from the big house. Now it's time to see what loot they have for you as a thank you.

The Vault

Amongst the awesome bears we are also giving away $100,000 in prizes to Klepto Bear Owners! Every 1000th item in the collection is a vault NFT. There is no game of chance, check the slider below to see whats out there to grab!

The Passion & Person Behind Klepto Bears

A sense of fantasy and adventure breathes life to the subjects of the Klepto Bear Club NFTS. Symbolizing a carefree childhood imagination Klepto Bears tell a story with the assets they impulsively acquire. They show us the adventures they have been on, and give a hint of where they might go next.

Amber was born in Denver, Colorado in 1989 and ever since she was a little girl she was pulled towards the visual arts, whether it was drawing her dreams or studying still life objects around the house, she constantly had a pen and paper in hand. Art was the subject she excelled in most through her high school and college careers however found the curriculum at the metropolitan state university to be boring, pretentious and lacking the inspiration she needed to truly find herself as an artist.

Klepto Bears
Klepto Bears
Amber Marie

Due to being uninspired and changing her emphasis 4x in the art department she eventually dropped out and moved to Las Vegas. This is where she really found her craft and started doing makeup and body art in the photography industry.

When covid hit in 2019 it took a major toll on the body art industry forcing Amber to branch out into other art forms to stay relevant in the local art community. This led her to the Graffiti Mansion, where she met Arman Izadi and Danny Lorden who both saw a great artist with tons of potential in the graffiti world, brought her in and taught her how to empty spray cans as a form of art. Additionally, Arman donated $100,000 towards the Klepto Bear Loot Boxes to further her project and get Amber that much closer to realizing her dream.

A sense of fantasy and adventure bring life to the subjects of her NFTS. The first in her collection is called the Klepto Bear Club, the bear is a line art representation of an actual bear gifted to her by her grandmother at 5 years old. Her most treasured possession is this teddy bear and it stands as symbol of childhood imagination. The assets they are presented with tell a story of the adventures this bear has been on. Her artwork is often recognized for being rich in color with fine details such as texture and intricate line-work. Rare assets are inspired by iconic films, comics and games that bring the imagination to life and deliver a sense of nostalgia.

The Digital Journey

The Project Owner, Amber Marie, creates artwork that is known for rich color imbued with fine details. Texture and intricate line-work shape the story she brings. Rare assets from iconic films, comics, games and pop culture harken to a nostalgic world where your imagination can run free.

A fine artist working steeped in the world of mixed mediums and body art/ makeup, Amber explores the world of digital art in September of 2021. Be a part of her digital journey through the growth of her NFTS and watch the expressions of her fantasies unravel.

Klepto Bears

Unlike other projects that promise the world and fail to deliver on even the earliest steps, Klepto Bear Promises and delivers every time.

Klepto Bears Roadmap
Klepto Bears Roadmap
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Frequently Asked Questions

The best place to start is by downloading Phantom Wallet !

There is 1 Bear Vault are every 1,000th Klepto Bears minted! There are 10 Bear Vaults in total.

You will see which prize you recieved by checking the number of your mint!

Mint #1,000 - Play Station 5 with 2 remotes + Versace Robe/slipper set + iPhone 13 + headphones

Mint #2,000 - LV backpack + iPhone/headphone

Mint #3,000 - iPad Pro + pencil + iPhone 13 + headphones + LV backpack

Mint #4,000 - iPhone 13/headphones + Versace robe/slippers + iPad Pro/pencil

Mint #5,000 - Versace robe/slippers + MacBook Pro

Mint #6,000 - New Xbox series x w/ 2 controllers + LG OLED TV

Mint #7,000 - LG OLED TV + Play Station 5 with 2 remotes

Mint #8,000 - MacBook Pro 16” + LV backpack

Mint #9,000 - Rolex

Mint #10,000 - Tesla